Travel Themes

In India, there is an odyssey of diverse terrain that starts with snow-covered elevations to tropical delights. We’re here to help you sort the best holiday package as per your requirement. India is abundantly rich when it comes to culture and traditions. Our holiday themes will make you fall in love with Incredible India all over again. With culture changing tremendously in every state, it is a potpourri of customs and traditions. Like, in Uttarakhand we have limitless opportunities for tourism. There is something for everyone – Pilgrimage, Temples, Wildlife tours, Bird Watching, Rafting, Mountaineering, Skiiing, Trekking, Camping, Yoga and Meditation, and much more.

Similarly, Himachal Pradesh and Leh have an abundance of Adventure tourism like Trekking, Camping, and much more. Goa and Chennai have Beach tourism, where many tourists spend their holidays on beaches. They relax, go bathing or just enjoy the salty sea breeze and the ocean.

Similarly, Religious tourism is when we visit Varanasi, Haridwar, Somnath, Temples of South India, etc.

Family package is a bouquet of activities in a destination. It is designed that our whole family can do something together and enjoy it individually also. We have packages so designed that a honeymoon couple will have all the privacy they wish for and a family will have all the fun activities they want.